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The hidden champion | Building services engineering

Building services introduces vitality

Building services equipment brings a building to life. Imagine a building, an apartment or any other kind of architectural structure – its appearance is the first thing to come to mind. You’ll remember whether you found it impressive, or whether it was instead unremarkable, or perhaps it featured striking details that would seem to indicate notable architectural art. In short: We only remember what is visible on the outer shell of the building. Just like the human body, the shell alone, in our case a skeleton covered with skin, is far from viable. This is where building services equipment comes in: It forms the building’s tendons, organs and nerve cords. It provides all vital functions and brings a house to life. Building services equipment transforms an empty structure made from concrete and brick into a usable location. Building services equipment helps a building shine.

Design like a glass house

Building services stylishly optimises

To us, building services design entails hiding technology without limiting its functionality. Pipes, cable routes, and sanitary modules are all vital for the building, yet need to remain invisible and hidden behind walls. With this in mind, it’s key that all design possibilities and options are explored in the early planning stages. This is the only way to ensure we find the optimal solution individually tailored to each building.

Downsize the cost | raise efficiency

Building services reduces costs

Increasing property prices and material costs are only two illustrative reasons why we take a close look at every square metre of a property. It’s important that technology does not restrict the use of the valuable available space yet still increases the quality of life in the building – a paradox that can only be optimally addressed by the needs-based design and use of a system. State-of-the-art market-leading BIM software and highly qualified employees help us to ensure we stay one step ahead and keep an eye to the future with our technology.

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