De Fischer

A Quarter at the Unterwarnow

ca. 2.100qm
ca. 1.700qm
Total volume
Proportion TGA
EnEV 2014 und KfW 55
Energy standard
Underground parkingin the flood area
Special features

Modern and barrier-free

With a view of the Nikolaikirche.

De Fischer is a neighborhood located directly on the natural Lower Warnow River with a view of one of the oldest hall churches in the Baltic Sea region-the Nikolai Church. With a gross floor area of 2,100 square meters, the 20 apartments consist of areas between 50- 120 square meters and almost all have a balcony, roof terrace or terrace with garden. Modern and barrier-free, they stand out as a residential oasis on the outskirts of Rostock. The Unterwarnow invites to an extensive walk, it runs in southern direction into a nature area, it flows in northern direction into the Warnow with its waterway traffic. After a few kilometers it flows into the Baltic Sea.

A residence for young and old

A communal courtyard of the neighborhood offers greenery, playground equipment and rest areas. For a change of scenery, it takes only a few minutes walk to the city center, as well as to the well-developed streetcar network and many other shopping opportunities. All needs considered, the property offers a living space for singles, couples, families and seniors due to its ideal conditions. Even if a motor vehicle has no necessity because of the central location, the underground garage of the object offers enough parking spaces for cars and co.

De Fischer in Rostock

The surrounding flood area required a special solution for the construction of an underground car park, which DES GmbH was able to deliver in collaboration with the parties involved.

DES GmbH accompanied this project in all service phases and thanks all participants for the cooperation and the extension of the Rostock cityscape. Every inhabitant and visitor will be greeted by the striking sight of this quarter, should he drive into Rostock over the bridge over the Unterwarnow - it is and remains an eye-catcher.

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