Freddie-Mercury-Straße 5
80797 München

Munich stands out as one of the most important international economic regions and Germany's third largest city.

And DES is right in the middle of it!

Our TGA planners in Munich work in the Munich Urban Colab in an atmosphere characterized by innovation and visions of the future. The offices in the Munich Urban Colab offer the possibility to develop TGA planning at the highest level through the most modern technical equipment. For the necessary breaks or new input, the building offers a café, two winter gardens and a gym. This provides the necessary balance and also the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with other stakeholders.

Munich Urban Colab

TGA Planung in the middle of culture

Out of the building, directly into the city of culture and art.

The office is centrally located in Munich, surrounded by colleges and universities, fashion and art, restaurants and cafés. Munich lives from its culture, which is full of history, experiences, art and knowledge. These attributes are also combined in our mindset. The TGA planning office in Munich builds on experience and at the same time strives inquisitively for new innovations.

TGA Planer change clima change

At the latest, the breathtaking landscape of the Munich area with its crystal clear lakes and mighty mountains opens people's eyes to the fact that it is time to protect nature and the environment. DES GmbH has recognized the necessity and has made it its business to bring sustainability into the construction industry. Our TGA planners in Munich and at the other locations are creative minds looking for the best solutions to make buildings climate neutral or even climate positive.

Many minds for one goal!

The target is green. Green like the DES GmbH.

Green like the dense forests and the lush alpine meadows. Every TGA planner in Munich, Berlin, Rostock and Hamburg can, may and should contribute his ideas, plans and visions. Our mindset consists of collaborative work, where every opinion is welcome. The close cooperation works on the one hand through our internal system and BIM, which connects us with all planning participants. On the other hand, through the possibility of climate-neutral travel with BahnCard100 & Co. This brings DES GmbH together again and again despite the wide distribution all over Germany. Because together we are green!

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