The world is ready for a new TGA.

Let's no longer think of building services and energy separately according to rigid boundaries. But together. With solutions that are capable of establishing a new building and energy age. We ask the question of meaning - and provide tangible arguments for the industry.

To the players in politics, business and ecology: When will we put an end to greenwashing and misguided subsidies? When do we uncompromisingly use sustainable technologies like green hydrogen, deep geothermal energy, aquifer storage and fuel cells that carry our human presence on earth into an environmentally conscious future?

Who, if not us?

We are at a crossroads. If we want to have a perspective on this planet, we have to change the building and energy industry from the ground up with decentralised solutions. Let's act beyond the status quo: DES is committed to innovations that go far beyond the scope of building services engineering. Because we know that our work must make sense within a holistic framework - and because it cannot be separated from other elementary, economic and ecological issues. With our partners and our growing expertise in bridging and future technologies, we are already providing effective answers to pressing questions in the building and energy industries.

For thinking in solutions: DES TGA Planning.

We are convinced: contemporary technical building equipment must not only realise flawless building projects. It must also transcend the usual requirements of the projects - and do so in the long term.

Only when we, together with other players, leave the terrain of classical building services engineering and start to design in a more holistic way, technologies will have an impact in the sense of larger projects. For a combination of economic efficiency and ecology, for a rethink in politics and society, and for a mindset that moves the construction industry forward. Find out what makes our TGA planning services unique.

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Cutting-edge technology at work: BIM.

The future of planning methods is already standard at DES. BIM (Building Information Modelling) realises technological and architectural visions through the collaborative work of all partners involved on a 3D model.

BIM exploits the potential of data and optimises not only time and costs, but also the final quality of planned buildings. In addition, we use BIM to effectively control potential risks, achieve important learnings more quickly and streamline the management of all stakeholders involved. We see BIM as an important building block of a green, cycle-based construction industry - and we are taking on the challenge of balancing the high computer-side energy consumption of this planning method.

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Getting serious about progress: green bridge technologies.

With current DES construction projects such as the Spandauer Ufer, we are already showing the construction industry how green bridge technologies are defining new standards in terms of energy balance.

For this purpose, we use heat pumps to refine wastewater energy from buildings or the sewage system and, in combination with fuel cells, to heat or cool buildings. In combination with an intelligent electricity management system, energy resources are distributed exactly where they are needed - the surplus is stored in a battery. The consequence: building energy, domestic electricity and also electric mobility can be combined in an ecologically advantageous way within a green system.

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Inexhaustible energy from the earth: deep geothermal energy.

CO2 neutrality is only achieved when no more emissions are released into the atmosphere. In concrete terms, this means that at least one factor, such as the energy operation of a building, must have a negative impact on the overall balance.

This is where the technology of deep geothermal energy as an open system comes into play. The background: Under the earth, from a depth of a few hundred to several thousand metres, so-called aquifers are found. These water-bearing rock layers contain hot thermal water in large quantities and are tapped by two boreholes of geothermal power plants to generate green energy. In combination with district heating systems and green hydrogen, we can achieve neutral energy balances with deep geothermal energy and promote the decentralised transformation of the construction and energy industries.

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DES TGA Design. Because we can.

Our expertise in TGA not only changes the building and energy industry with customised, technologically pioneering solutions. It also creates real alternatives and arguments for sustainable building, far removed from greenwashing and other old patterns.

We understand DES TGA Design as the value-adding combination of economic efficiency and ecology. With our approach of thinking and designing TGA outside the box, we want to inspire other players in the construction industry, politics and society. One thing is certain: All the elements necessary for sustainable change are ready. When do we start?

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