We are 50+ engineers, system planners, project managers, managers, problem solvers, thinkers and doers with the goal of realizing innovative and customized TGA concepts for your projects.

Agile & collaborative teamwork

Five locations, one team

Represented throughout Germany, DES GmbH maintains a presence at various locations and offers all of its employees an optional change of scenery. Discover all of the cities where DES has an office. Spend the summer on the coast in Rostock and take a post-work dip in the Baltic Sea, or why not enjoy winter in the mountains near Munich and hit the slopes under a bright blue sky? Our digital connectability has paved the way for modern location flexibility. Those who want to work from home can enjoy being in office from the comfort of their own four walls.

The new meeting place for all employees is provided by the digital cloud supported by the latest software from leading providers (REVIT MEP; BIM collaborate pro). Our employees can ignore the physical distance and come together to work in a team in the cloud, made possible by the use of high-end technical equipment.

Our locations

Yin & Yang | Iconic design & high tech

Technology is part of our DNA. That being said, we always take care to pay attention to the architect’s designs to ensure our technology blends in inconspicuously and allows the building to shine.

We have over 30 years of experience in the development of innovative concepts for building services equipment. The design of the building is always at the heart of our work. We aim to blend building services equipment and architecture seamlessly to maintain the building’s aesthetics.

We succeed in merging architecture and technology with the latest software, including BIM (Building Information Modeling)

Sitting in the glass house

Transparency is one of our top priorities. It forms part of our process in all projects.

In order to achieve our vision of sustainable properties, we allow our employees to develop freely with flexible working models and dynamic teams. Innovative planning methods and expertise guarantee success for our customers. We also accurately calculate project costs and take a transparent approach to planning development and decisions.

Our mindset

Challenging climate change

We have adopted a holistic approach to sustainability.

Climate change is the biggest challenge facing the world today. We aim to provide CO2-neutral, and perhaps even CO2-positive buildings to help combat this critical issue. DES hopes to leave a green footprint.


Building services design

Building services expertise

Building services design brings a building to life. Well hidden and barely visible to the untrained eye, it ensures that a building is fully technically equipped for use. It also needs to uncompromisingly meet the requirements of the user. In this way, aesthetics and functionality are inextricably linked to building services.

Building services expertise

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