Environmental protection and climate change are gaining increasing traction in the political sphere. We have integrated these issues into property development and created innovative energy concepts.

Sustainability is our focus

Sustainability must not be regarded as an exception, but instead the goal. In line with this, DES GmbH implements its work processes in an entirely eco-friendly manner to pursue a responsible approach to the environment. We can only thrive if the environment does too.

We aim to set a good example and involve sustainability in property development – to help save the environment.

That’s why we support green DESigning.

Contrary to popular belief, far from setting creative boundaries, it opens the door to new ideas. Innovative approaches are required to optimise processes in an environmentally friendly manner. DES has paved new ways for CO2-neutral buildings. A wide variety of innovations and ideas can help us do more to protect the environment. Depending on the conditions and requirements of a building, DES develops the most optimal solutions, specifically tailored to the issues at hand. Sites located on bodies of water use water as a resource in the form of innovative energy concepts to heat and cool buildings. This innovation has been used in the Spandauer Ufer quarter. DES promotes energy recycling to generate as little new energy as possible and consequently to maintain its modern sustainable character.

Our environmentally conscious mindset has inspired us to join the DGNB as a committed member, and our headquarters will also be certified in the highest category according to DGNB standards (goal: DGNB platinum). With this step, the circular economy processes will be accounted for in our planning approaches.

Our primary goal for each project is to leave behind a green footprint.

DESigning green mobility

Sustainability is a multi-faceted issue. To us, proficient building services planning is synonymous with planning sustainable buildings. Our entire company culture is geared towards sustainability.

DES locations are characterised by state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly office buildings.
In addition, we work on all work steps – inhouse and on the construction site – paperless and digitally. By doing so, innovations in technology and software have helped ensure we work in a green manner and allowed us to replace numerous trips to the construction site with video meetings.
Digital working methods increase efficiency and protect the environment.
Our company culture is also characterised by a future-oriented mobility concept – DESigning Green Mobility.

DESigning Green Mobility
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