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DES – a company that hires Fridays For Future activists to let them call the shots. Now they are able to show how sustainability can work in the world of business. The demo platform will become a workshop, theory will turn into practice and vision into reality.

With our DESigning Green Mobility concept, we have set ourselves the goal of making employee mobility sustainable and environmentally-friendly – both at work and home. The concept will be accessible to all DES employees and represent a showcase model for the entire business world.

An environmentally friendly approach to mobility. In theory, it doesn’t sound too difficult: Where possible, use low-emission modes of transport to get around and ideally don’t travel at all. We are all aware of the need to change our transport habits. However, the practical side to this approach is a little harder to implement: If we simply stop our employees from having company cars, they’ll just buy their own. If everyone gets an electric car, the production of batteries will lead to significant CO2 emissions. In addition: Not many people are willing to say goodbye to their cars. Our attention was drawn to this from an internal DES survey.

If we truly want to effectively reduce CO2 emissions, we need to find an alternative that provides all the advantages of having your own car: It needs to be capable of getting us to work on a daily basis, transporting the weekly shop and taking us on holiday. We need to feel completely flexible, free and mobile at all times in order to voluntarily give up cars.

DESigning green mobility

Here’s how the concept works: All DES employees have access to the extensive DESigning Green Mobility package.

The BahnCard allows you to be flexible on the go with all modes of public transport. Electric cars and e-bikes located at the company’s offices can be used for business trips, shopping and private outings. The concept also includes a mobility budget for car sharing, bike sharing and taxi journeys. DES employees in rural areas will receive assistance with the purchase of an environmentally friendly car.

The mobility concept

Our mobility concept combines a number of transport options in one package. DES employees can select the suitable mode of transport for each trip.

1. The BahnCard

The BahnCard offers flexible travel across the entire Deutsche Bahn route network – completely free of charge with the BahnCard 100. Just jump on the ICE and get going; open your laptop or watch a movie. Seat reservation and bicycle transport are included free of charge. There’s no need to sit around in the cold on the platform: Take a set in the DB Lounge and enjoy a free coffee. The BahnCard also includes city tickets. Travel has never been so easy.

2. The Car fleet

Our locations will be home to a fleet of electric cars, which will be freely available to use. Nothing will stand in the way of a weekly shop for your family or a fun weekend trip. The environmental benefit: A small number of cars are shared by the entire DES team, reducing the harmful environmental effects of producing a car for each employee, which would then spend 95% of the time unused. In addition: According to current research, small electric cars are significantly more environmentally friendly in terms of the life span and period of use than their combustion engine counterparts – particularly when they are charged using 100% green electricity.

3. On-site equipment

In addition to the car fleet, all company locations will feature

  • E-Bikes
  • E-Scooters
  • E-cargo bikes

The same motto applies: Sharing is caring, free use and 100% green electricity. The perfect solution for quick trips into town, shopping and bike rides.

4. The mobility budget

For all locations and situations not yet covered by the first three options, there will be a fourth potential option. All DES employees will receive a fixed annual mobility budget of 2000 EUR each year. This can, for example, be used for

  • CarSharing
  • BikeSharing
  • Taxi
  • taking the train abroad.

Designed for those who want to travel home after a night out or urgently need to get some more nappies for their baby: just hop into a taxi and go.

For those who live in the city, having a car of their own becomes unnecessary once the mobility concept comes into force. What about employees who live out in the countryside? Those who aren’t covered by the Deutsche Bahn route network, can’t find anyone to car share with and who are located miles away from the electric cars in the company’s fleet.

We are currently in talks with some leading car manufacturers regarding collaborations and shared marketing campaigns. We hope to provide DES employees who are left with no option but to buy their own car due to where they live with assistance from the company and the industry when purchasing an environmentally friendly car.

Better together

We aren’t lone wolves. Our concept is supported by strong partners such as Deutsche Bahn, car manufacturers and network initiatives. DESigning Green Mobility will not be developed behind hidden doors, but instead hopes to inspire and motivate others. Join us on our quest. Be mobile and help share the future!

We’re better together, and we aren’t the only ones propelling our innovative concept. With Deutsche Bahn at our side as our strong partner, we’re pushing ahead with this project step by step. Deutsche Bahn has actively been involved at every stage and supported us with advice. We will be introducing the concept to the public as a show case within the scope of a pilot project. DESigning Green Mobility will not just remain a privilege enjoyed by those who work at DES. We will only achieve true sustainability once we are able to inspire and motivate other companies to join us.

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