Ecologically consistent: we perfect the mobility of employees. DESigning green mobility.

DES is implementing a groundbreaking mobility concept for all employees. Leading the way: Former Fridays For Future activists who are helping to shape the mindset of our company.

A movement for a better future.

We are convinced that ecology and value creation are not mutually exclusive. We are already demonstrating their compatibility today with DESigning green mobility, our own mobility concept.

With the DESigning Green Mobility concept, we are transforming our employee mobility in a sustainable and environmentally compatible manner - both professionally and privately. We see our concept as a model for the entire corporate world. On the one hand, we aim to use the lowest-emission means of transport possible, or even better, to do without them altogether. On the other hand, a comprehensive service package ensures the excellent ecological footprint of our approach. Feel free to contact us about our mobility concept. We will be happy to inform you and learn more at any time.

Sophisticated in concept. Effective in implementation.

All our employees have full access to a comprehensive package of benefits that enable environmentally conscious and at the same time convenient mobility.

BahnCard. Electric car. E-bikes. Mobility budget for car sharing, bike sharing or taxis. And on top of that, support for the purchase of environmentally friendly cars: we think holistically in order to initiate a fundamental rethinking of employee mobility.

Best arguments: The ingredients of DESigning green mobility.

The effectiveness of our mobility concept is based on intelligently combined measures. The following points are in focus:

1. BahnCard. Flexible and cost-effective travel.

With the BahnCard, we can travel flexibly throughout the entire Deutsche Bahn network - in the case of the BahnCard 100, even completely free of charge, including seat reservations and bicycle transport. We work relaxed from the road, bridge minor waiting times sitting in the DB lounge and drinking free coffee. By the way, the City Ticket for city transport is included in the BahnCard. Travelling has never been so easy.

2. The car pool. All electric.

A fleet of freely available electric cars is placed at our company locations. The result: a few vehicles are sufficient for the entire DES team. We avoid environmentally damaging production processes for our own cars, which sit around unused 95% of the time. By the way: according to current studies, small electric cars are much more environmentally friendly than their combustion engine siblings in terms of their entire life and use. Especially when they are charged using green electricity.

3. The site equipment. Everything has been thought of.

All of our company locations are equipped with e-bikes, e-scooters and e-load bikes in addition to the vehicle fleet. Here too, of course, the motto is: sharing is caring. In other words: we ensure free use and use 100% green electricity in the process.

4. The mobility budget. Cars become superfluous.

As a further option, all our employees receive a fixed annual mobility budget of up to €2,000. This can be used, for example, for car sharing, bike sharing, taxi journeys or even train journeys abroad. Another consequence: for all those who live in the city, owning a car simply becomes superfluous. We support our employees in the countryside in buying environmentally friendly cars - a mission we want to push forward in cooperation with renowned car manufacturers and in marketing campaigns.

Together we make a difference.

With strong partners such as Deutsche Bahn, car manufacturers and network initiatives, we leave a nearly flawless impression on mobility. Who’s joining us?

Mobility concerns us all. We want to be a role model and are going public with our concept in partnership with Deutsche Bahn as our own show case. DESigning green mobility should not remain a privilege of DES, because we will only achieve true sustainability if everyone joins in.

Our partners

Determined for mobility in an environmentally conscious present: these are our partners.

  • Driversity – The network initiative for sustainable employee mobility.
  • Inno2Grid – For sustainable mobility solutions and future-proof energy supply
  • Velo Konzepts – An agency for cycling in Germany. Consulting, conception and event organisation
  • B.A.U.M. Consulting – A consulting company for solutions in corporate and municipal environmental protection, climate protection and sustainability
  • Mobility Excellence – Operational Excellence for Sustainable Mobility
  • Qlab Think Tank – For liveable cities through new mobility and green architecture
  • OKAPI – A working group for climate-neutral mobility
Driversity & Partner

Have you become curious?

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