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Concept living made in Hamburg

High living 20 metres above ground level with 360° panoramic views.

The Lighthouse Living concept home is located at the heart of the Hamburg HafenCity in a flood area. DES GmbH worked with HC Hagemann and BIWERMAU Architekten BDA to equip the unique building. The idea behind a cornerless house 20 metres above ground broke the boundaries of conventional approaches in several ways. It resulted in a design with an extremely high level of detail – even the drill holes and threading were planned in 3D – to ensure that the pre-construction processes could accelerate the overall construction progress.

© Biwermau Architekten
© Biwermau Architekten

The invisible & flexible way of iconic TGA design

The Lighthouse concept works everywhere, in the mountains, the desert, on water, self-supporting in a meadow – really anywhere.

Flexible installation and scalability are offered by the entirely unique structure. The client envisioned a house for flexible use built using a modular construction method which could also be self-sufficient. Building services equipment that could be integrated into this extraordinary architecture and work without any limitations was easier said that done. Issues were not just flagged within the team but instead solved, with solutions provided by everyone involved in the construction and planning phases. We are extremely proud of the results and grateful to have been involved in this exciting project. We hope that the LIGHTHOUSE and its visionary Arne Weber will remain in beautiful Hamburg long into the future.

© Biwermau Architekten

The end

The Lighthouse is a major attraction in Hamburg. 230 sqm of residential space floating 20 metres high offers 360-degree panoramic views, at eye level with the captains of passing cruise ships.

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