DES TGA Design starts with a question: Why?

Technology alone does not improve the construction industry. And certainly not our world. The building services engineering of tomorrow poses many questions of meaning. We provide answers.

Our office stands for a progressive building services engineering that takes its role and influence in the building and energy industries, society and politics serious - and pays more than just lip service.

Why actually DES TGA Design?

The construction industry causes high emissions. Our TGA technologies consume enormous energy resources. Our own mobility also has a negative impact on the climate crisis. And even 50 years ago, mankind was well aware that there were natural limits to growth on this planet. In a scenario like the one we are living in today, it is therefore necessary to radically challenge the status quo of value creation. That is why DES TGA Design stands for a building services engineering that puts an end to old truths and wisdoms and makes a green future possible - far from greenwashing, bad arguments and eyewash.

DES TGA Design. A part of something bigger.

What we do and don't do today as designers of building services engineering has direct consequences for the building and energy industries, for the general quality of life in society and, last but not least, climate change and our natural resources. If we succeed in transforming our own value creation with the help of bridging and future technologies, we also inspire others and contribute to the world around us. This can also mean that we consciously don´t support construction projects if they do not meet the standards expected today. Or it can mean not attending a meeting in person when it can be done just as effectively digitally and in a way that conserves resources. Today we can already achieve much of what we hope will be standard tomorrow. Find out more about our way of thinking TGA and visit our page about our mindset.

Find out more about our mindset

What moves us. What we move.

Building services engineering is a fascinating profession. What particularly fascinates us at DES is the chance to use technology for purposes, that are more than just profit maximisation. That make economic and ecological sense. And that are considered valuable by people. What we are experiencing on earth right now is frightening - and encouraging at the same time. Because especially many young people are consciously committed to alternative approaches to economic and environmental issues. It is not without reason that DES is a company decisively shaped by young employees. One example of this is our concept for employee mobility, designed by former Fridays for Future activists: DESigning green mobility. Have you become curious? Find out more on our DES mobility page.

Learn more about DESinging green mobility

What the future can do today.

Conserving resources. Thinking in cycles and solutions. Promoting innovation. And inspiring others in the process. We see DES TGA Design as an open offer to the outside world to search together for answers to the pressing questions of our time. We will not manage the path ahead of us alone. What we create from our side is the design of a technically, economically and ecologically groundbreaking building services engineering that takes into account larger systems of the building and energy industry. That alone has an impact on the future. If we now join forces with strong partners to tackle the important issues of the day, this impact will result in overarching change. Let's get started.

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Let's start together with the TGA of tomorrow.

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