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Sustainability goal
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A building project for a new era.

Defining the future in construction today is only possible by combining economic efficiency and ecology. This is exactly what the large-scale project Spandauer Ufer (approx. 100,000 m2 GFA; we are involved in the work phases 3-8) on the former post office site in Berlin Spandau, in the immediate vicinity of the Spandauer Arcaden. The architects are ASTOC Architects and Planners GmbH and HPP Architekten, and the builder is Spandauer Ufer GmbH & CO. In this groundbreaking building project, the elements of hotel, fitness, gastronomy, commercial, retail, residential and outdoor space will create an exemplary quarter. The primary goal: excellence in sustainability. It is not for nothing that the Spandauer Ufer has achieved DGNB Gold status and Wired Score certification. Our DES TGA Design approach to ecology and sustainability is also crucial to this.
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© Spandauer Ufer GmbH & Co.KG
© Spandauer Ufer GmbH & Co.KG

Innovative: A river as air conditioning.

The Spandauer Ufer also sets new standards for the use of energy: the river Havel becomes an air-conditioning system, and the heat from the wastewater is used for heating. Pressure pipes running through the sewage collection channels extract residual heat from the water, which is converted by a heat pump and returned to the buildings in the form of heating energy. But energy is not only saved in the Spandauer Ufer district, because: The waterworks also reduce their energy costs, as the warm wastewater would otherwise have to be cooled down before it can be fed back into the water cycle. With the Spandauer Ufer, our solutions impressively demonstrate how technology can be realised in harmony with the environment.
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© Spandauer Ufer GmbH & Co.KG

On our own account: the potential of renewable energies.

Renewable energies, if used intelligently and on a sustainable calculation basis, are an important part of the energy supply in the future. DES is resolutely committed to the green transition in the construction industry - and beyond. Projects like the Spandauer Ufer contribute to achieving global climate goals. This requires all of us, including neighbouring industries. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the building owner, Spandauer Ufer GmbH & CO. KG. Through successful cooperation, Spandauer Ufer will become one of the most innovative neighbourhoods in Germany. Let's start driving change.
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© Spandauer Ufer GmbH & Co.KG

The future is building with BIM. So are we.

The same applies to Spandauer Ufer as to many of our new projects: We are building with the digital planning method BIM (Building Information Modelling), using the world's most advanced software. With BIM, all project participants are informed in real time about progress and possible collisions. They work on a three-dimensional model (digital twin) in virtual space. The advantages: Errors are detected in good time and can be rectified before construction begins. Planning, time and cost efficiency are at an optimal level with BIM. Expensive supplements are avoided, and the subsequent operation of the quarter can be designed with maximum efficiency and transparency. All building services components are integrated into the sophisticated architecture at a high level of detail, without compromising aesthetics or functionality.
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