Time, cost and quality combined in perfection for our environment: DES TGA Planning.

Building services engineering (TGA) of our design guarantees the flawless planning and implementation of the most demanding building projects. And, depending on the requirements, also makes the use of future-oriented solutions possible that advance the green transformation of the building and energy industries.

Whether power supply, water supply or heat supply: DES TGA Planung combines building services engineering with topics such as CO2 neutrality, fuel cells, geothermal energy and green hydrogen. Learn more about TGA planning that brings a new mindset to the construction industry - and beyond.

What exactly is TGA planning?

Building services engineering shapes the inner life of buildings. It ensures an optimal power supply, water supply and heat supply. This includes all necessary technical aspects such as electrical engineering, energy planning, sanitary engineering, heating, air-conditioning technology or ventilation infrastructure. In Germany, this is governed by DIN 4749. Intelligent TGA planning is highly complex and at the same time decisive for how efficient the energy balance of buildings turns out to be. At DES, we therefore work with BIM (Building Information Modelling), the world's most innovative way of implementing building services planning with software. Our claim is excellence - our flagship projects are many groundbreaking construction projects whose technical organ system we have perfected. Have you become curious? Then visit our projects
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To the facts: Our TGA planning services.

DES TGA Planung offers innovative engineering services for all relevant service phases of the Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers (HOAI). This means: Our clients benefit from high-precision services. What distinguishes us from other TGA planning offices: We live a visionary mindset and think outside the box. We are not satisfied with the current status quo of building services planning - instead, we present solutions that define new standards in energy efficiency - also within an overarching framework. Would you like to learn more about our mindset? Then use the following link.

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Let's talk tech: BIM.

Architectural excellence in the 21st century is based on the cooperation of various players from a wide range of disciplines. Our TGA expertise makes a central contribution to this. We follow the innovative BIM method (Building Information Modelling) with the Revit MEP software. With this our TGA planning creates complete works of art in terms of construction. With BIM, all participants work on a single, virtual model of the building to be planned, the "digital twin". BIM achieves maximum efficiency in key construction challenges such as time, costs and quality of the building services planning. This has a positive impact on the economic viability of the construction project itself. Furthermore, with BIM we control potential risks and use the potential of the data to remain at an optimal level of work and knowledge in all conceivable details.

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We are committed to the green technologies of the future.

As building services planners, we are part of an energy-hungry economic sector and consume resources. Various aspects such as the operation of our computers or our own mobility as planners burden our ecological footprint. That is why we are fully committed to decentralised bridging and future technologies. Geothermal energy, green hydrogen, HotStone processes and fuel cells are topics that we believe are indispensable in the technical repertoire of today's TGA planning. Talk to us about the concepts. Take the chance to shape the green change towards a sustainable building and energy industry together with partners like us.

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We are there where you build.

With our presence at five locations in Germany, we are able to take responsibility for TGA planning quickly and flexibly throughout the whole of Germany. We take into account structural and regional peculiarities, such as terrain conditions, and implement a building services system that combines aesthetics, functionality and ecology. We call this individual expertise DES TGA Design. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners for the trust they have placed in us for many years.

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